Expert Pittsburgh Service Technicians Continue On-going Training – Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical

Plumbers, Heating and Cooling Technicians, and Electricians go to school for their professions, earn a degree, and become licensed in order to work in a state, etc.  But good Plumbers, Heating and Cooling Technicians, and Electricians – experts, if you will – continue with additional education and on-going training throughout the life of their career.  The Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Service industries are constantly evolving – not just in terms or product know-how or advanced technology, but also in operational efficiencies and customer services support and techniques.  Therefore, Technicians should also be constantly evolving and improving their skills and honing their craft.  Expert Technicians are indeed life-long learners.

Look for Technicians that you welcome into your home to be constantly learning.  Gillece Technicians not only receive initial training, but they also receive ongoing training and skill-certification classes to perfect their workmanship skills in order to become better and more well rounded industry professionals.  Furnaces, heat pumps, water heaters, and other like equipment are housed on-site at Gillece for simulated learning purposes.  Technicians get hands-on experience in a controlled environment, which ultimately saves both time and money when solving problems with customers’ actual appliances.  This is because the specialization work on real-life problems is practiced under the supervision of the best and most seasoned trainers and managers in the city.  General and HVAC Service Managers act as lead teachers in these hands-on, interactive training classes.

So, the ‘guy’ that shows up at your front door to ‘get the heat back on’ for example, should bring with him a wealth of information including brand manufacturers’ specifications, operational settings, safety standards, and more.  If he’s from Gillece, he does.  He’s not just a ‘fix-it guy’ – if he’s truly a good Plumber, Heating or Cooling Technician, or Electrician.  Weekly training classes, both one-on-one and group sessions, are actually required of all Gillece Technicians, and cross-training is also offered and promoted.  For example, a Service Plumber could gain experience in Heating and Cooling (HVAC) Services.  When selecting your next Plumber, Heating or Cooling Technician, or Electrician, remember that all Technicians should be licensed; but, good Technicians are continually expanding their skills-set and always have something new to offer.